Business owner making social media content with dog.

How one dog training brand increased their conversion rate by 11,167%

Happy With Dogs offers exceptional dog training services. They take a unique approach that makes a world of difference to the pets and pet owners they serve. 

But each new lead came with a hefty price tag

Cost per lead was over $800. At their starting budget, this created less than 1 lead a month

For that same budget, they could be getting over 20 leads per month

These numbers cost this independent business thousands of dollars. 

Something needed to change. 

We launched 2 new campaigns centered around the company’s 2 primary services:

Training & Boarding

We took a comprehensive, full-funnel approach: 

  • Display ads that capture interest
  • Text ads that hit intent
  • Brand ads that create consideration

We paired this paid ad strategy with website optimization, aiming to both increase page views and conversions

A few simple changes would make a big difference: 

  • Implemented SEO on the front and backend of the website
  • Improved the page design with subtle changes to increase conversions

Before, there was chaos instead of clarity behind their messaging. 

We crafted cohesive messaging to target users at every point in the funnel. 

It was direct, clear, and memorable

In just 6 months, Happy With Dogs saw astronomical growth. 

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