How We Got Escape to the Country to on the First page of Google Results

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The Challenge

Pet Business wanted to increase open rate and bookings with email marketing. 

The number of keywords that Escape to the country ranked on the first page of Google over the past 2 years. Because Paw Point Marketing started with them, the client maintained 15-20 keywords over the course of a year.

The Approach

To meet the challenge and achieve their marketing objectives, we implemented a comprehensive strategy with the following elements:

Comprehensive Audit

Every effective SEO strategy commences with a thorough audit. This step allowed us to identify the site’s weaknesses and opportunities, forming the foundation for a clear and targeted strategy.

Optimized Website Title & Descriptions

Utilizing insights from our SEO Audit, we strategically optimized on-page SEO elements. This approach not only enhanced visibility but also drove significant organic traffic. Moreover, we refined and expanded the client’s targeted keywords, ensuring they reached the right audience.

Content Enhancements

Recognizing the impact of site speed on performance, we conducted a meticulous examination. Our team delved into the site’s assets, optimizing code and images to notably improve site speed.

The Results

Our endeavors to elevate Google rankings yielded remarkable outcomes. Within six months of implementing these changes, the results were undeniable. By the 11th month, Escape to the Country had achieved a presence on more than 10 pages of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

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